All About Us


I descend from kinds, thieves, murders, and priests. Throughout my life I have been all of these. I am a soul proprietor who strives to turn what I see in my dreams into art.  I make what I like and I hope you like what I make.  The name WDWMKR is short for Widowmaker and was taken from the tall tale of Pecos Bill. Widowmaker was the name of Pecos Bill’s horse that was faster, stronger, and smarter than any other horse.

I have a passion for art and desire to create. I try my best to reflect in reality that which exists in my mind. I do not accept commissions or requests. I create what I wish and make it available for purchase should you so happen to like it. I share inspiration, creations I like (even if not my own), and topics I care about. Thank you for your time and I hope today finds you happy, healthy, and a bit more wealthy.

Questions, comments, concerns?


Many of your questions can be answered via the details of the product or our Terms Of Use and Privacy Statement. For anything else, even if just to say hello, please feel free to contact us anytime. Due to frequency of inquiries and requests the most efficient way is via the form below -or- drop by our Facebook page.